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Hall of FlameYou know you like it hot! Here are some of my personal favorite hot sauces. It's a potpourri of pepper, a hot-bed of hot sauces, a cache of chile. I picked some well-known sauces as well as some more obscure ones to tickle your fancy...and your palate! Hopefully you'll find something you like.


Dave's Insanity Sauce. Scoring 51,000 on the Scoville meter, Dave's Insanity Sauce is one of the hottest sauces known to man. It's hotter than heck and you'd be insane to use more than a drop at a time. Definitely for those with a high heat tolerance. Keep it safely stored away from small children or pets.

Blair's After Death Sauce. Is there life after death? Who cares about deep philosophical discussions when there's a fine hot sauce such as Blair's After Death Sauce. Enjoy it today while you're among the living. It's a fiery combo of habaneros, cayenne, garlic, chipotle, pepper extract, lime juice, cilantro and other fresh herbs and spices. Not for the "faint of tongue."

Mad Dog BBQ Sauce. For those craving a hot, yet tasteful barbecue sauce. When you're master of the grill, getting handed a bottle of this stuff is the equivalent of giving a dog a juicy bone. You'll be howling with delight. If you don't want to take my word for it, this sauce was rated tops by Cook's Illustrated.

The Source. Registered at 7.1 million Scoville units, The Source Hot Sauce is the worlds hottest sauce. There's nothing hotter out there...unless you count pure pepper extract!


Joe Perry's Boneyard Brew. Have a rockin' good time with Joe Perry's Hot Sauce. Hum a few bars and you'll find you'll never get this song out of your head. It incorporates both habaneros and chipotle peppers. Part of its rock star appeal comes from its unique use of evaporated sugar cane juice.

Mango Coconut Hot Sauce. You'll want to tango with this mango and coconut hot sauce. What makes it special is that it is both sweet and hot all at the same time.

Brother Bru-Bru's African Hot Sauce. Out of Africa and into your mouth. This sauce is different since it uses African spices instead of your usual cumin and garlic. Its creator, Bruce Langhorne, once toured with Bob Dylan. Hey "Mr. Tambourine Man," bring us a bottle of Brother Bru-Bru's African Hot Sauce.

Sexabi Hot Sauce. A tantalizing sauce that will woo the most jaded of taste buds. It's a hot sauce of burning desire featuring honey, fresh mango, passion fruit (of course!), orange habanero, chile pods and horny goat weed to give it some extra kick.


Marie Sharp's Fiery Hot Sauce. This handcrafted sauce from Belize is based on carrots -- a common ingredient in south of the border hot sauces. What gives it is kick is red habaneros. Marie Sharp's Hot Sauce strikes a perfect balance between flavor and heat.

Lottie's Hot Pepper Sauce. Lottie is the Barbados' bombshell of hot sauce. Her sauce is a traditional Caribbean hot sauce. It features scotch bonnets, mustards and spices. Feel the sultry heat of the islands. Ya mon, it's good!

El Yucateco Green Habanero Hot Sauce. I fell in love with this sauce the first time I had it at Bennie's Burritos down in the East Village of New York back in the 1980s -- the era of big hair and big heat. El Yucateco Hot Sauce is made in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico using green habaneros, garlic, select spices and seasoning. Muy Caliente! Viva la Mexico!

Iguana Mean Green Jalapeno Pepper Sauce. This sauce gets it bite, not from the iguana, but from green jalapenos. A medium hot sauce, it's not as hot as the others I've listed, but lives up to the name of "mighty tasty."


Screaming Sphincter Hot Sauce. A pain in the butt or tasty to your tastebuds? One sample of this sauce and you'll find out that both are true. Hot going in and hot going out. Cayenne pepper is what gives this sauce its zing.

Pleasure & Pain. First there's the pain and then there's this great feeling of pleasure. Step right up if you think you can handle this spicy little number.

Smack My Ass and Call Me Sally. Would a sauce called by any other name smack of being so good? Probably not. This combination of habaneros, vegetables, vinegar, garlic, lime juice and salt is delectable and calling it anything but Smack My Ass and Call Me Sally would be insulting.

Colon Cleaner. The good Professor Phardtpounder recommends consumption in epic proportions to clear the mind, and your innards. Imported from Barbados. It's the $hits!
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